Call for Poster Abstracts

The Scientific Committee welcomes original, unpublished, research papers on the following:

  • Basic research in Vaccine Discovery and Concept
  • Pre-clinical development of vaccines
  • Clinical development of vaccines and clinical trials
  • Public policy, implementation and advisory
  • Malaria –Host pathogen interaction
  • Parasite Biology and drug target
  • Strategies for drug development

Poster Abstracts Submission Guidelines:

  • Conference registration is mandatory to submit an abstract
  • All abstracts must be submitted online
  • Abstracts will be accepted till October 31, 2017.
  • Authors whose abstracts are selected for poster presentation will be notified by November 5, 2017.
  • Please tick (Check) all the mandatory fields and follow the character limitations.
  • Mandatory Fields are:
    • a) Presenting Author
    • b) Institute
    • c) Email
    • d) Title (Max 180 characters)
    • e) Author (s) (Max 250 characters)
    • f) Affiliations (Max 250 characters)
    • g) Abstract Text
  • Formatting of Abstract
    • a) Max 1500 characters: including title, authors, spaces etc. Exceeding text will be automatically deleted
    • b) Font Family: Arial or Times New Roman
    • c) Font for Special Characters: Symbol or Wingdings
    • d) Font Size: 10
    • e) Title: In Bold
    • f) Author Name (s)
      • First name/lastname on a single line, in italic, underlining name of presenter
      • Use superscript numbers (2pt) to differentiate authors from different institutes.
    • g) List institutes with relevant superscript numbers
    • h) Text: Single-line spacing, justified, no line between paragraphs.
  • The Organising Committee cannot guarantee complete accuracy if the abstract has to be reformatted
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